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18 Jan

My hallway at home is in the magazine Femina this week. Take a look at the image in the middle. Cool… :-)

Photo by Mette Wotkjær.


Bonjour, hello, hej, guten tag!

16 Jan

I bought this nice poster at seventy tree for some time ago. Kerry Layton draw so many cute illustrations. I really like her style. Now all my guests can have a warm (typographic) welcome :-)



Hay tea towel

16 Jan

I just bought a 2 nice tea towels from HAY with neon colors this week-end. I love to combine neon colors with white and simple environments . You can buy them here.


…more art from my dad!

16 Jan

My dad is still cool. He is an brilliant artist. This is what he gave me for x-mas. I love the fresh colors!


Paper art

7 Sep

I just made this little simple peace of artwork for my walls at home. A mix of paper on cardboard.

Simple art by Ikea

7 Sep

Ikea has some really nice fabric at the moment. I just put it in two frames and… voilá! Nice and cheap art on your walls at home :-)

A day full of creativity

4 Sep

Once a month my girl friends and I are meeting for a day full of creativity! Yesterdays theme was “things with leather”…so this is what I made :-)

A bracelet for my 2-years old daughter

2 bracelets for me

2 iphone cases, one in black and one in white.