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Bonjour, hello, hej, guten tag!

16 Jan

I bought this nice poster at seventy tree for some time ago. Kerry Layton draw so many cute illustrations. I really like her style. Now all my guests can have a warm (typographic) welcome :-)




Paper art

7 Sep

I just made this little simple peace of artwork for my walls at home. A mix of paper on cardboard.

Simple art by Ikea

7 Sep

Ikea has some really nice fabric at the moment. I just put it in two frames and… voilá! Nice and cheap art on your walls at home :-)

A day full of creativity

4 Sep

Once a month my girl friends and I are meeting for a day full of creativity! Yesterdays theme was “things with leather”…so this is what I made :-)

A bracelet for my 2-years old daughter

2 bracelets for me

2 iphone cases, one in black and one in white.

Nice painting made by Kristina Dam

31 Aug

My sister gave me this cool painting as wedding gift. It is painted by Kristina Dam. So cool! :-)

kristina dam

Beautiful art from seventy tree

19 Mar

I have just received 2 beautiful posters from England from the artist and illustrator Kerry Layton. I love her illustrations. Her illustrations fits perfect in my kitchen :-)

seventy tree

Check more of her beautiful illustrations out here.   …her prices are fair! :-)

Great art from Kristina Dam

30 Oct

My ex-colleague and very good friend Kristina Dam makes so cool art! I bought some of her geometrical and patterned drawings to my white walls at home. I love them! :-)

kristina dam


kristina dam


kristina dam


kristina dam


kristina dam